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Filling Equipment

Portable Single Head Piston Liquid Filler


Portable Single Head Piston Filler The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Portable Single Head Piston Filler model PF-1RV has been engineered to provide an economical and convenient way for filling small production runs of today’s thick or thin liquid products with high accuracy. This machine is a pneumatically controlled volumetric piston filler and only needs compressed air. To adjust the volume being discharged, close the ball valve on the inlet side of the regulator, turn the volume adjustment knob on the rear of the machine and then open the inlet valve. Place a container under the nozzle and depress the foot pedal. At the completion of the filling cycle, the cylinder will retract and recharge the piston. A filled container can then be moved along manually. This filler can also be used in conjunction with a slide plate, a portable cart, a powered conveyor, additional units or fully automatic.
Single Head Piston Filler

Portable Cart Liquid Fillers

(Pressure Overflow with Cart)

Bench Model SL-4P
The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Bench Model SL-4P Liquid Filler is an economical table top fill-to-level system designed for small production runs. It has been engineered for ease of operation with quick change-over Features. Its non-electric pneumatic design can be used safely in hazardous locations!
Liquid Filler

Fill-To-Level Automatic Straight Line Filler

Fully Automatic Inline Filler
The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Automatic Straight-Line Fill to Level Liquid Filling Machine Model SLA is a proven state-of-the-art machine which Features Allen Bradley Programmable Logic Controls (PLC) and Operator Interface. This machine is engineered to have the flexibility of filling containers as small as 2 oz and as large as 2 1/2 gal (F-Style) at rates as high as 80 containers per minute. Standard Features include a product pump, reservoir, pressure manifold, AB photo sensors and a variable speed on-board 10 foot conveyor and drive system. Multiple stage filling for those hard to fill foamy & viscous products. Automatic In-Gate and Out-Gate cylinders control container flow into and out of the filling station. The SLA’s ease of operation provides a minimum change over time and years of trouble free service.
Straight Line Filler

Fully Automatic Positive Displacement Liquid Filler


Fully Automatic Positive Displacement Filler Packaging Dynamics Ltd. introduces the Accu-Flo Liquid Filler (SLA-V6) which utilizes positive-displacement flow meter technology. Our Positive Displacement Flow Meters use two rotating thermoplastic impellers driven by flowing liquid. Magnets imbedded in the impellers activate a non intrusive sensor which generates a pulsed output signal. Each pulse represents a known volume. A K-Factor converts the pulses into engineering units for remote data collection and digital display. This process allows our fillers to achieve a +/- 0.5% accuracy and repeatability. The meter has only two moving parts, no bearings, no motors, no clutch or brakes and is programmed through our microprocessor touch pad for virtually any volume. This reduces the amount of mechanical moving parts and adds to the long term reliability of the system. The size and output of the Flow Meter ranges from 1/4" NPT to 1.5" NPT depending on the size of the container, the viscosity of the product and the speed required. This equipment is available from single to twelve head models and handles viscosities from water thin to gels and thick creams. Available in semi- and fully-automatic variations, the Accu-Flo can be used to fill from fractional containers to 55 gallon drums.
Displacement Liquid Filler

Servo Driven Straight Line Piston Liquid Filler

Engineered For Volumetric Filling
The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Automatic Straight-Line Servo Controlled Piston Filling Machine Model SLA-RVP has been engineered to fill creams & thicker lotions into containers as small as 1/4 oz and as large as 1 gal at rates as high as 200 containers per minute depending on container size and product consistency. Standard equipment includes Allen Bradley (AB) PLC controls, product reservoir, variable speed 10 foot conveyor, (AB) photo-optic sensors, In-Gate and Out-Gate cylinders (or star wheel) for controlling container flow and a “user-friendly” (AB) Panel View Operator Interface. Quick nozzle alignment and conveyor rail adjustment handles provide for a quick and easy change over.
Straight Line Piston Liquid Filler

Rotary Gear/Lobe Pump Liquid Fillers


Rotary Gear/Lobe Pump Filler
The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd., Inline Rotary Pump Liquid Filler model SLA-G was designed to deliver an accurate means for filling thin to very viscous products without overflowing or volume limitations! An individual servo motor coupled with a gear or Lobe pump is mounted behind the machine frame and supplies product to each individual filling head. This allows for a large variety of container types to be filled, from 2 oz. to 5 gallon pails. Automatic Indexing allows bottles to enter and exit the fill area smoothly. An Allen Bradley PLC controlled and a Panel View operator interface control the independent nozzle time settings. Each filling head can be turned on or off and individually adjusted. With stainless steel construction, Allen Bradley nema 4 electric’s, quick change nozzle handles and variable speed conveyor; the SLA-G provides easy change over and cleanup between product runs.

Automatic Rotary Filler

(Pressure -- Gravity -- Vacuum)

Automatic Rotary Filler
The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Fully automatic rotary filler has been engineered to accommodate higher speed production, achieving rates as high as 250 containers per minute for containers ranging as small as 2 oz to as large as 1 1/2 gallons depending on machine size, container size and materials. The Packaging Dynamics, Ltd. Rotary Filler can easily be integrated with existing sorting and capping machinery, featuring mechanical inter-locking devices that make operation effortless. Additional mechanical interlocks can be incorporated into the construction to halt machine operation in the rare event of a jam and a totally new re-designed drive system allows the machine to run at the higher speed requirements while maintaining a smooth and quiet operation. Standard equipment include a variable speed 12 foot conveyor system, product pump and tank. The control package contains a Nema 4 enclosure designed for 230v AC operation that can be washed down easily after each production run. Easy change over and cam adjustments help provide for a minimum of down time.
Automatic Rotary Filler
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